Getting to Know Me…

Hello everyone,
I figured that I should do an introductory post before I get started ranting and raving.  I’m 26, turning 27 in a few months, and I’ve been working multiple odd jobs over the years doing things I don’t love.  After multiple jobs in retail and customer service, I got a job in the dental field. It’s a good job, with relatively good pay, but it’s not something I’m passionate about.
However, something I’ve always enjoyed was writing.  Weather its little bits of fiction that I always swear I’ll finish or just journaling.  It calms my mind.  So I figured, why not start writing a blog doing something I enjoy.  Complaining! I’m kidding, to an extent.  I’ll be posting reviews and rants.  Weather it of books, or movies, or simply the state of the world.
On Thursdays, I’m going to have a throw back day.  I figure why not do a Throwback Thursday where I review/rant about something that isn’t from this year…or the past few years.  Well…you know what a throwback is.
So, with that being said.  Without further ado, welcome to Rants, Raves, and Reviews!
Catch You on the Flipside,