Underwhelming Beauty

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Hello Friends!

I’m back again with another review! And I promised last time it would be something more recent, so today it is! I thought I would review Beauty and the Beast.  I was so incredibly excited when I heard it was being made.  When I was growing up, before the Disney princesses were as big of thing as they are now, Beauty and the Beast was my favorite princess movie.

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Beauty and the Beast

Now, I will admit, I did not go to the theatre to see it.  I had every intention of going.  My lovely Fiance (who is not a fan of musicals whatsoever) was going to take me.   The week before the day we were going to go was a long week at work for me.  Lots of kids and their parents, and just craziness in general.  So I requested that we not go because I wasn’t sure if I could deal with more kids and their parents.  Then after that, it went by the way side because other movies were coming out that we wanted to see more.

So, there came a day a couple of weeks ago (after playing a wonderful drinking version of NSFW Exploding Kittens) that we decided to watch it.  In my drunken state I was so excited to see it I could barely eat the food in front of me while watching my favorite childhood film play out with real LIVE people!  Yet, the more and more I watched it, I was feeling very underwhelmed.  The magic that I loved about Beauty and the Beast just wasn’t there.

It wasn’t in the casting, Luke Evans was amazing as Gaston, and Herm… I mean Emma Watson was beautiful as Belle (see what I did there?! HA!).  Even the CGI Beast was fantastic.  The talking furniture was fantastic, especially Lumiere (voiced by the wonderful Ewan McGregor) in all of his cheekiness.  And Cogsworth, don’t even get me started on him (I absolutely adored him, and I adore the charming knight behind his voice Sir Ian McKellen).  None of that was my issue.

Casting was great, CGI was great.  Yet I was still feeling underwhelmed.

So I decided, maybe it’s because I was in an inebriated state.  I am currently rewatching it.  And to be honest with you? I’m still underwhelmed.

I went into it hoping it would be like the live action Jungle Book, which in my opinion was fantastic.

The costumes, singing, dancing, and everything was so spot on!  Maybe I played it up in my mind so much because it was my favorite princess movie when I was a child. There was something just…lacking.

Now I know what you’re thinking “Jeeze Quiet_Introvert, how many times are you going to say underwhelming and lacking!?  It’s a bloody kids movie!”  Well… I’m going to say it as many times as I want until I get my point across. So meh!

Should you watch it? Yes, see it at least once, especially if you have children or if Beauty and the Beast was a movie that you loved as a child.  Also, watching Emma Watson get pegged square in the face with a large snowball is quite worth it.  Don’t take that comment the wrong way, I do love her acting, but it was really funny.

Catch you guys on the flip-side with a new review!



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